Documentary support

When it comes to shipping, proper documentation is a must, especially when it comes to shipping between countries. due to an error in the document, the cargo will be returned back, and in the worst case, the cargo will hang for a long time at the border.

We FORTREXS GLOBAL will not only advise on the necessary documents, we will take all the paperwork on ourselves! You can be sure that the customs and transport documentation will be completed on time, there is no need to worry about overpayments or errors in registration.

Our experts will offer you the most convenient ways of registration (at different warehouses, in different parts of the world including China) and help with customs duties. And for greater reliability, they will offer a cargo insurance service.

Get a shipping rate

You can find out the freight rate by writing a letter with the data of your cargo to us at

The letter must include the following information:

transportation route (departure station – destination station);

name and weight of the cargo.

We will select the best option. We will respond to the mail, or another convenient communication option specified by you.

Or please fill out the following form: